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The Skin Center

26081 Merit Circle Suite #109
Laguna Hills, CA 92653
(949- 582-7699
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Fax (949) 582-7691

The Skin Center regularly sees patients out-of-network or as self pay.



-$250 for office visit (without procedures).

-$350 for office visit, includes up to one shave biopsy or one mole removal.









Typically, your specialist office visit is $250 for basic rashes, warts, or to check a mole.

Biopsies are tissues that are sent to a special lab for testing and diagnosis and render a separate invoice.

Office visits typically do not include any procedures or medications, which carry additional fees.

Fee schedules are subject to change without advance updates or re-posting on this site.

Please call and check with the office for the latest fee schedule.

We are happy to take care of your dermatology needs and can help to provide you estimates of benefits and charges on advance of your visit.

Please call (949) 582-7699 to get a free estimate.