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Dr.  Alain, M.D., FAAD,  CPC-D is a US Board Certified Dermatologist who has received national recognition as a Top Dermatologist. As published and seen on WebMD,  Medscape, Emedicine, and MedicineNet, Dr. Alain provides expert dermatology care to clients in Orange County and Southern California. Dr. Alain was selected as a SuperDoctor for 2013-2017 and recognized in Los Angeles Magazine.

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Jan 24, 2014 by Laurie P.

 Dr. Alai is a wonderful person and excellent physician. I absolutely love her work ethic and personality. She is always prepared to do her work and exceptionally thorough beyond any other dermatologist I have seen.
I was thrilled with her work, professionalism, and incredible results.
I had read reviews about being the experience with her procedures being painless, and I am please to report it was PAINLESS! My wait was under 10 minutes and staff was alright too. I would highly recommend her as a top notch dermatologist.
 April 11, 2012 by David S.    Dr. Alai is the BEST! Thank You!
Jan 11, 2014 by Gay Brown
Dr. Alai and her staff have been more than wonderful to us and to an elderly friend that I have brought to her. The whole atmosphere there is nothing but helpfulness and caring. I would recommend Dr. Alai to everyone that I know, she is loving and caring and has always listened to our situations. Thank you Dr. Alai!


super doctors magazinne 2013 logo cali

Meet U.S. Board Certified Dermatologist and Mohs Surgeon, Dr. Alai


Alai Exceptional Women In Medicine - 2017 award

Dr.  Alain, M.D., CPC-D  is a U.S. board certified dermatologist, and former Professor at the University of California, Irvine, Department of Dermatology and Department of Family Medicine. She held a 13 year fellow title of the American Academy of Dermatology. Recently, Dr. Alain was awarded  America’s Top Dermatologist Award for 2011 and America’s Top Physicians award for 2010. Additionally, she received the top honor of America’s Top Dermatologists Award for 2007-2008 and 2004- 2005 by the National Research Council. She was re-appointed to serve a two year term as an Expert Medical Reviewer by the California Medical Board in 2010. Dr. Alain was initially elected as an Expert Medical Reviewer for Dermatology and Laser services by the California Medical Board in 2008. She is currently a medical author for WebMD, MedicineNet, and eMedicine.

  • America’s Top Dermatologist Award for 2011
  • America’s Top Dermatologist Award for 2012
  • America’s Top Dermatologist Award for 2013
  • America’s Top Dermatologist Award for 2014
  • America’s Top Physicians award for 2010.
  • Most Compassionate Physician Award 2013-2014
  • America’s Top Dermatologists Award for 2007-2008
  • America’s Top Dermatologists Award for 2004- 2005
  • U.S. Recognition by the National Research Council for outstanding dermatologist
  • 4 year Appointment as Expert Medical Reviewer  for the California Medical Board
  • Former 10 year Professor at the University of California, Irvine, Department of Dermatology
  • Clinical Instructor and Lecturer UCI Department of Family Medicine

Dr. Alain’s medical background began with a Medical Doctorate Degree in 1994 from the University of South Alabama College of Medicine in Mobile, Alabama. Her undergraduate work included 3 years at the University of South Alabama where she was a Presidential Scholar with High Honors and nominated to multiple scholastic honor societies, including Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Chi, Alpha Epsilon Delta, and Alpha Lambda Delta. She was subsequently the recipient of the College of Medicine’s Alumni Scholarship for international medicine to Russia in 1994.

  • Presidential Scholar with High Honors
  • Nominated to multiple scholastic honor societies
  • Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society
  • Alpha Chi Honor Society
  • Alpha Epsilon Delta Medical Honor Society
  • Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society
  • Selected for Annual USA College of Medicine’s Alumni Scholarship

Dr. Alain completed a full year of General Surgery training at the University of California, Irvine. Subsequently, she was involved in a combined research year at Beckman Laser Institute in Irvine and basic science work in treatment and mechanisms of Psoriasis. She was selected as the Clinical Research Fellow in 1996 where she was a lead investigator in the development of many new medications and novel dermatologic therapies. She finished her dermatology residency at UCI, where she was selected as Chief Resident in 1999. Dr. Alai was subsequently invited to join the prestigious faculty at the University of California where she remained active for over 10 years.

Dr. Alain’s extensive experience in medical, surgical, laser, and cosmetic dermatology has lead to many lectureships locally, and internationally. She has been an invited lecturer to over 50 certified continuing medical education (CME) lectures nationally and internationally. Her work has included seminars for physician groups, international medical conferences, hospital medical education foundations, and local senior citizen groups. She has been a popular requested speaker for the Medical Education Speakers Network (MESN) since 1999.

Dr. Alain was featured as the keynote speaker on dermatologic issues at the Annual Geriatric Congress in San Francisco. She has received multiple awards including the 2000 Award for Outstanding Slides and Lecture in Vancouver, Canada at the Pacific Dermatology Association’s annual session. In 2008, she received the first perfect score rating for outstanding continuing medical education lecture at South Coast Medical Center in Laguna Beach, California.

  • Keynote speaker on dermatologic issues at the Annual Geriatric Congress in San Francisco
  • Award for Outstanding Slides and Lecture in Vancouver, Canada at the Pacific Dermatology Association’s annual session
  •  2008 First perfect score rating for outstanding continuing medical education lecture at South Coast Medical Center in Laguna Beach, California

Dr. Alain has been a lead co-investigator for over 12 clinical trials for novel dermatology studies and preparations. Her clinical research work led to the development of the highly acclaimed, celebrity touted anti-aging rejuvenation cream labeled as Kinerase. She was a featured Allergan speaker and trainer for Botox cosmetic injections for Kaiser Foundation Dermatologists in Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Dr. Alai has published extensively in the medical textbook eMedicine, including chapters on Notalgia Paresthetica, Keratosis Pilaris , Nitrous Oxide, Laser Hair Removal, and Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers.

Dr. Alain’s  specialties in dermatology focus on Mohs surgery, Photodynamic therapy ( PDT), Notalagia Paresthetica, Brachioradial pruritus, Botox, Dysport, Varicose and spider vein therapy, cosmetic facial rejuvenation including injections with Restylane, Collagen, Juvederm, and Radiesse. She is the chair and  founder of the annual educational symposium “The Skin Care Conference” held in Laguna California.

As a fellow of the American Society for Mohs Surgery (ASMS), Dr. Alain has performed more than 1200 cases of Mohs surgery. Her special areas of expertise involve surgical of skin cancer, primarily the treatment of head and neck basal and squamous cell skin cancers. Dr. Alain received extensive Mohs training during the Chief Residency year at the University of California, Irvine. Dr. Alain has been an active participant in the annual Mohs peer review held by the American Society for Mohs Surgery. Most recently, she was invited to author the complete chapter on Mohs Surgery for WebMD/MedicineNet.

Dr.  Alain is a past  fellow of the American Society for Photodynamic Therapy (ASPDT). As a co-investigator for the early development of Photodynamic therapy (PDT) using Levulan and Blue Light in 1996, she has some of the most longstanding clinical experiences with this state-of-the-art treatment. In her nearly 20 year experience with PDT, Dr. Alain has been involved in more than 1500 cases of PDT . Her particular areas of expertise include treatment of acne, actinic keratosis, warts, hidradenitis suppurativa, and skin rejuvenation using PDT. She has authored the chapter on Photodynamic Therapy for WebMD and MedicineNet. She received extensive PDT training during her fellowship year at the University of California, Irvine Department of Dermatology.

  • Past fellow of the American Society for Photodynamic Therapy (ASPDT
  • Co-investigator for the early development of Photodynamic therapy (PDT) using Levulan and Blue Light in 1996
  • Some of the most longstanding clinical experiences with state-of-the-art PDT.
  • Nearly 20 year experience with PDT
  • Involved in more than 1500 cases of PDT
  • Authored the chapter on Photodynamic Therapy for WebMD and MedicineNet.

As a member of the National Psoriasis Foundation, Dr. Alain has more than 15 years of extensive experience treating psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. She initially trained with Dr. Gerald Weinstein, a world renowned psoriasis expert at the University of California. She gained experience in novel treatments as co-investigator for multiple psoriasis clinical trials. She was most recently asked to author the comprehensive chapter on Psoriasis for WebMD and MedicineNet.

Dr. Alain is a former professor at the University of California. She was active as a faculty member at UCI for over 10 years in educational lectures and training upcoming future physicians and dermatologists. She was a frequent invited lecturer in the departments of Internal Medicine, Family Practice, and Dermatology. Dr. Alain has been a highly requested preceptor and mentor for several Family Medicine Residencies including Downey Medical Center and University of California, Irvine. She has authored articles and published several textbook chapters in the current medical literature. Dr. Alain is a  trained dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon, and a respected specialty consultant in Orange County.

Dr. Alain has been in practice for over 20 years in Southern California. She actively practices dermatology at The Skin & Wellness Center in Orange County, California.

Dr. Alain has been a member of the following professional organizations:

  • American Academy of Dermatology
  • American Society of Mohs Surgery
  • American Society of Photodynamic Therapy
  • National Psoriasis Foundation
  • Botox Cosmetic Physicians Network

Verified Patient Reviews

Less than 3 months ago

by Isabel A.

(Verified Patient)

Doctor was very professional, listened and took notes on every detail. I would recommend her for any skin problem.


(Verified Patient)

Review  by JH

Painless and friendly visit! I had mole on my arm and did not know it was dangerous. I went in for skin tags on my neck and had no idea my arm was the problem. I would definitely go back

(Verified Patient)

Review by MF

I always have excellent treatment. Amazing physician and staff are wonderful.

Review by CS

Wonderful treatment excellent care! Staff is friendly professional & caring.


Review  by SB

Overall Rating, Bedside Manner, Wait Time


Review  by AE


Painless as possible! I had a procedure done by doctor Alain and expected a lot of pain and terrible scar. Luckily Dr. Alain made it as easy as possible and I’m very happy with my end result.

Less than 3 months ago

by a Verified Patient


Awesome experience as a new patient.  Glad to have found Dr Alai to help me with my skin issues.

by a Verified Patient   
Nikki M.
Dr. Nili Alai is the best dermatologist in Orange County! I have seen many dermatologist in OC in the past 4 years and no one is able to treat my severe scalp issue but her. Most dermatologist I have seen just prescribed me with all kinds of antibiotic that made me sicker. Dr. Nili Alai is thorough and she knows her trade very well. She is kind, caring and professional. She traits you like a family and care for the health of your skin.  For any skin problems big and small, she’s IT! And lastly, because of her, I feel better and look better!
Dina D. 
Verified Patient

By far, hands down- the absolute most painless shot I have ever had. It was the best experience and I felt NOTHING!! I asked Dr. Alai when are you starting and she was already done. I had a terrible dental infection and had seen my dentist also. I couldn’t have been more surprised and happy. I hate shots and have usually had not so good experiences. This is not my top pick thing to get on the menu if you get what I mean. But I would absolutely recommend Dr. Alai for any type of dermatology care and especially if you need an injection or treatment.

Shayna P.


Verified Patient 



I was thrilled with my recent visit as a new patient to Dr.Alai. I had read some of the topics she had on their website before going in for folliculitis on my scalp which no doctor had gotten rid of. I was really suffering with these scalp  bumps that really really hurt all the time and it wouldn’t seem like a big deal to have them, but it was always hurting and I didn’t kow when a new crop of these would come up. I had tried so many shampoos, and spent thousands on prescriptions over the years that I had pretty much given up hope. I just ran across Dr. Alai’s website and read about what it could be and she seemed to know more about my folliculitis than anyone other doctor I had seen before so I thought ok, I’ll give it a try. I only wish I had found her sooner because I am so much better within literally a couple of weeks with some holistic type approaches ( she tries to avoid pills). She checked my labs and found some thyroid issues which she got me in with a really good specialist. I liked her approach which was extremely thorough. She is prepared to do her work to get you better. I felt she was very knowledgeable and  easy to understand.  Would highly recommend.

Andrea K. 

Verified Patient  05/7/2016



I would highly encourage those who care about their skin (or have not in the past!) to consult with Dr. Alai.  She takes the time to listen and does not mince words regarding any treatment needed.  She explains procedures thoroughly.  She has a terrific staff!  Do not judge her by her waiting room, she’s too busy to redecorate!

Patti C. 3/13/2017 

Verified Patient



Dr. Alai’s terrific expertise and great compassion as a doctor is beyond measure. I am so grateful! Dr. Alai through her speedy and thorough first aid, above and beyond her duty laid down a strong foundation for me to build on that guaranteed me the rebound I now enjoy.  A year ago I was suffering with a terrible case of shingles and feeling at death’s door.  I used  to see UCI dermatologists and other specialists, but  Dr. Alai did an amazing job running all the tests and getting me better. I am forever grateful.  I would highly highly recommend as the most superb dermatologist I have ever seen.

Verified Patient

Bill K.   8/11/2017


Contact Dr. Alain at The Skin & Wellness Center @ (949) 582-7699.

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The Skin Center
Average rating:  
 7 reviews
by Rana on The Skin Center
Head Acne

I am facing an Head acne problem from last 6 years. I have many treatments but there was no permanent solution came.please help me to cure my problem. I can send you an images but there is no such option available.

by HP on The Skin Center
The Best of The Best!

Dr. Alai- Thank you so much for the information and for the excellent treatment you have provided me; you are the best of the best.

by Hawa Hokoki on The Skin Center
Best dermatologist ever

I'm 37 and I've always had acne and acne scars. No dermatologist was able to help until somoene recommended Dr. Alai about 7 years ago. She put me on a regimen of chemical peels/microderm & cleansing facials (extractions) every 6 weeks for 2 years and my skin looks flawless. I also did 2 very strong chemical peels that eliminated about 40% of my acne scars and I noticed a dramatically better look. I stopped going because my skin looked good and they had also cut down on a lot of their 'standard' facial procedures because my insurance wasn't covering it all anymore. I recommend her to all my friends!

by Patty S. on The Skin Center
Gold Standard!

You are the gold standard for dermatological evaluations. You are the one I go to.

by ggsmith on The Skin Center
I am so much Better!

Their staff is the most friendly, welcoming staff I've ever dealt with. Dr. Alai was so warm and professional, and makes the whole experience that much better. I was so impressed with the progress I was able to make after visiting them. All my questions were answered, and I feel a lot more confident and hopeful about the future. The office was easy enough to find. I will absolutely return. I had an amazing experience, and they were by far the best I've ever seen.

by jazzy3 on The Skin Center
Super Thorough

Definitely as good as it gets! I have been to more doctors than I can count, UCI, UCLA, and a handful of other doctors for my awful skin rash. I have had really unbearable itching that no one has been ble to help- until I saw these doctors. I read one of the docs online articles about notalgia and was able to take the articles to my neurosurgeon so he could understand my neck problems better. There really are no better dermatologists out there. Would recommend for any type of rash or skin issue. Overall had 5 steps from the front door to my car, great free parking in front, easy to get in and get ou of my appointment. Didn't have garage parking or high parking fees like other centers. Very efficient and professional staff and doctors here.

by Kyra k. on The Skin Center

The Skin Center is a wonderful place...it is so relaxing there, it's like walking into a day spa, but it is a dermatology office. Dr. Nili Alai and her staff is up-to-date on all the latest scientific developments and information. Call them today, to get you skin checked for cancer. I'm glad I did. She was able to get rid of precancer cells before they turned into cancer! They are U.S. Board Certified and provide Medical, Surgical, and Cosmetic Dermatology services.