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The Skin Center
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 94 reviews
by Jana M. on The Skin Center
Highly Recommend to everyone

I've had nothing but amazing service and attention by the office staff and Dr. Alai at this location!!! I highly recommend her to everyone and anyone!!

They made me feel like family from day one, with my initial consultation. Dr. Alai takes the time to answer all questions and explains things so they are easily understood. The office staff has always returned my inquiries within 24hrs if not the same day, including completing/explaining my results. I have never waited more than 15 minutes (max) in the lobby for my appointments. And they always have ample, free, and super close parking so I pull in and arrive just a few minutes before my appointment.

Everyone is friendly yet professional. They're quick yet cordial, and highly efficient.

On top of everything, Dr. Alai is an outstanding dermatologist and surgeon. Minimal scaring, which is actually diminishing with each day! And no pain! Additionally, she has amazing instincts! The doctor knows her stuff!! She's extremely attentive, very thorough, & genuinely cares about her patients. I honestly can't sing her praises enough... Do yourself a favor and become one of her patients!!!

by Harry. S. on The Skin Center
Well Informed and Total Picture

I rate these doctors as 5 stars in every way possible. If you doctors who take the time to listen carefully, to ask the right questions, to allow dialogue, and who are bright and very well informed plus who look at your total picture... these doctors are who I wholeheartedly recommend. Add that to the very thorough care.

by Jack. S. on The Skin Center
Best COVID safety!

I have been going here for many years now and every experience is great and professional. I had an appointment the other day at 2:30pm I got there 5 mins early and they took me back right away. I love all there safety protocols for COVID when I was in there office. When I was taken back the assistant took down all my info and did a pre check and then the doctor came in moments later and took a loot at me. She was super nice and explained everything to me and answered all my questions. This is my go to dermatologist. Thank you.

by Ann J. on The Skin Center
Very thorough

Dr. Alai works hard every day and is very thorough -more than any doctor
I have seen. I drive a long way to see my dermatologist and believe in her work.
Dr. Alai is not afraid of hard work or digging in to find out what's really wrong.
She has been a god send for my itching.

by Susan M. on The Skin Center
Superb Doctor

To be totally honest, I had been to a number of dermatologist and no one bothered to look or tell me my itch skin on my back and arms came from my pinched neck nerves and disk.

On my first appointment, Dr. Alai superbly found the problem, one which none of my prior doctors had ever found. My previous doctors had been injecting my spots on my arms for years, but not one of them helped me like Dr. Alai did.

I am really also very impressed by the office's Covid precautions, cleanliness and strict hygiene for all patients and staff. Everything is covered by sheets and hygienic paper, and someone checks your temperature on your way in, does hand sanitizer for you on your way in and out, and there is some type of shoe disinfecting mat you walk through.

I always feel very comfortable and confident with my care here.

by M. T. on The Skin Center
Very through and sincere

I am so happy I saw Dr. Alai. I thank her for being so thorough and so sincere. I really appreciate her.

by Susan R. on The Skin Center
Best Sanitized office!

This office is one of the most sanitized offices during Covid I have ever seen.

I'm so happy with my care here.

by Mary C. on The Skin Center

My husband is a patient of The Skin & Wellness Center, we are very impressed with their level of service, care and concern for their patients. He has received excellent care for a difficult condition. The kindness and concern of everyone that works here from the doctors to the front desk is amazing. Our special thanks to Alyssa for her kindness and concern always. We are treated like family instead of patients. We would highly recommend The Skin & Wellness Center to friends and family.
J & S C.

by Ginny E. on The Skin Center
Seriously changed my skin

Dr. Alai seriously changed my skin. It is so clear and you can barely see my melasma. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to get rid of the melasma. She had a cream compounded for me and within days my skin has never looked better. There aren't words to describe the difference it's made. My husband was so impressed he went to the skin center to get some cream compounded for him. 10/23/2018

by Claudia F. on The Skin Center
The Best Dermatologist

I don't normally write reviews but I read here about Dr. Alai's office and saw that what has been written doesn't necessarily provide a clear description of what really happens there, but I can tell you about my experience with dermatology.

Since my adolescence I have been to many dermatologists and skin care salons, cosmetologists, used different beauty regimes from the natural to the very expensive, any and all OTC remedies and had only had partial and temporary results with the best of them, but mostly, -nothing- worked.

I started seeing Dr. Nili Alai late last year and through 2017 and can say that I've FINALLY abated the persistent acne that has plagued my face and my life for over 35 years.

Dr. Alai is intelligent, competent and absolutely nice. Her diagnosis is given as a Medical Doctor, not as an aesthetician/cosmetician.

I've found that many doctors nowadays only treat the symptoms but not the root of the problem. There probably will be labs and tests and different medications with different results, looking for the real cause your skin is reacting.

Dr. Alai is a doctor with medical grade spa-ish treatments: You won't be received with terry bathrobes or offered cucumber water at the end of your appointment, no muzak or attendants speaking soothingly softly. Many people think that they are visiting a spa and try to treat it like that and tend to forget about the medical practice side. Looking for health means that when you're healthy you look good and not just until the next appointment.

Dr. Alai doesn't take every single insurance, and doesn't take every single patient case herself. Sometimes she will defer to her partner because of the approach to their medical practice, like doctors usually do.

Depending on the insurance you have sometimes dermatology will be considered cosmetic or medically necessary and it changes by case and by age and even by your specific insurance plan.

Her services aren't inexpensive, but she really IS the best. I do think so.
I do not mind paying for a diagnosis and treatments that will really work for me. If I had met her when I was 13 I would have saved thousands of dollars in doctors visits, facials, creams and "interesting" medications.

Many specialists do only hold appointments with credit cards and will bill you extra if you miss your appointment. Their time is valuable, I think it is fair. However, her practice is still pen-to-paper and it is difficult to figure the cost of service until the final bill will goes through insurance, which could take weeks or even months. The website hasn't been updated for a while, you can't make electronic appointments, you can't really pay your bill online. It is however, very medically informative.

I waited to write this review because I had no idea if this was also a temporary fix. I have been taking care of my skin myself for the last six months with rare breakouts. I follow the instructions, the acne goes away. I don't follow the instructions, I get a few breakouts. I like predictability.

The Skin Center's staff is very nice. They are friendly, busy, hard working genuine people. They do their best to make you comfortable. There is free wi-fi, an electric massage chair, drinks and GASP! Chocolate (it doesn't cause acne), just ask Dr. Alai.

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” Thank you again for all of your work. We are very grateful for your skill and caring. Thank you for being you!”



” I like you very much. You are professional. You are very efficient and take care of all things.”

June G.


“I sure appreciate what you have done for me and my wife. You are very detailed.”

Lawrence W.


” I have never had such a thorugh check. Really my other doctor (dermatologist) just looks at me. It’s nothing like what you just did.”

Robin M.


“My son absolutely loved you.”

Frances P.


” I wish I came to you sooner. I am really happy I found you. None of theother 2 doctors figured out for 2 years. I am so much better.”

Hos. C.


” I am so happy with my care here. You did a good job! They <office staff> pampered me and even fed me. You are such a nice doctor.”



“My pharmacist Charlie Mee says you are the bomb! He realy likes you. He likes to help people and he is not in business to make money.”



“You really know what you are doing. I can tell good doctors. When you first put your hand on me, I could tell you are a great doctor. I’m sending in my wife Lorraine to see you now.”



” I have to compliment you. I looked in the mirror , looked at my scar- it looked beautiful. You did a great job!”

James S.


” Your technique is GREAT! I didnt feel a thing. Couldnt even tell you did it.”



“Thank you so much for your generous donation to the ASPCA and supporting me in my .5marathon in OCtober 2012.


Kyra Y.

Oct 2012

“Lauren is doing great! Her acne looks so good. My goal for her to take care of her skin has been met. She saw her local dermatologist in North carolina recently and she was great. Her acne has stayed clear since she left California. She is still using her nasal neosporin, and doing vacubrasion at home.”



” You are so nice. All of my friends come here!”



“I am really happy with this office. Everybody is so nice!”

Marie W.


“You are fun to come to. You are nice!”

Jane M.


” It’s really good to have a really good doctor. I feel so confident in my care here.”

John V.


“I recommended you to 2 of my friends! I am so happy you founds my warts.”

Sandra T.


“Just a quick update. First of all, thank you, thank you, and thank you. The cortisone shot shrunk the bump on my head and the Valtrex has stopped the swelling to the point that I’m almost recovered. I will stop taking the Valtrex tomorrow based on your recommendation. I will keep the remaining pills to stop any breakouts in the future. Let me know if I can help you in any way. You were my life saver.”


” I think of you as my friend! You have been taking care of me for almost 10 years now and I really do feel like you are my friend.”


“Thank You! Your generosity is very much appreciated!! Those 9 years seem to have passed by rather quickly. Hopefully I’ll be able to continue for another 9,10, maybe 20 more years. ”

“Thanks again!”


“I feel really taken care of. Thank you!”


1/ 2012
“You do really good work! You will excel above others.
Her leg healed up so well. You should see how well she did. It looks great. Thank you.”

Mr. and Mrs. F


“My daughter is really impressed with your sewing job you did. She is a nurse and really knows good work!”

L.W.   ( had Mohs surgery for his forehead cancer)


“My family is so impressed with my care here; really impressed with your thorough handouts and all the pre op care. My daughter is an LVN at the hospital down South”

Lawrence P.


Dear Doctor,

“Thank you so much for the use of the pain reliever machine. I wanted to express my appreciation for letting me borrow it.”

“I did want to let you know that after using it for 2 weeks it did relieve the pain in my bumps but the second I took it off the pain was back.”

“Thank you for your time and advice, and I hope to continue in the near future.”


Carly B.


Great Job! I have to tell you I have been to a lot of offices and you are truly top notch! I can really tell everyone is very professional. I am doing great today and my treatment went great! Will be back in 3 weeks for my 2nd cycle.

Dr. G


I am so lucky I found you! Really, I don’t have anyone who has been so thorough and spends time with me. I am very happy I came here. Even the lung doctor didn’t spend more than a few minutes trying to figure out my problem.

David C. and Mrs. C.


“Painless Doctor!  Thank you.”  P.D.

“I strayed for a few years. You are so good, I had to come back to you.”


“I am so happy with your care! I have several doctors but whenever they cant figure out what is going on, I always know I can come to you for help. You always figure stuff out!”- L.L.


“I came in for a second opinion and Dr. Alai noted a couple areas of concern.  After 10 years of dermatology visits Dr. Alai was the first one to notice and recommend a biopsy that ended up being a very bad skin cancer. I am very impressed with your office.  Thank you.” K.W.



“Many thanks for everything along my journey to become an official MD, and for all your advice that led to a successful match in dermatology. I’ll always remember you!  Best, J.A.”


“I never feel nervous coming here, the music, the furnishing, and the friendly staff all make it such a great experience” R.M.

“Thank you for everything you have done for me. I appreciate you so very much. I also want to thank everyone in your office for their kindness. All of you are very special. My love to you all”-C.R. 

“You and your staff are wonderful, and we are truly blessed to have you as our Doctor- Fondly, W.S.”

“Thank you…
I am so grateful to you and your staff for taking such great care of me Thursday [during Mohs surgery]. I do appreciate your kindness.”

“Hi Dr.,“Thanks for all your support and encouragement, it really meant so much that you believed in me and had faith that I could match.  I really appreciate having such a great mentor as you in my life and look forward to staying in touch.Best,
JA “

” I have never had such a thorough exam in all my life. I really feel like I had a great look over and growths removed.”
G.H. Age 90

“I just wanted to let you know my husband and I really appreciate all the niceties you provide for patients like the relaxing music in all the rooms and the nice entry and lobby.” 

” I have been to about 10 dermatologists from Northern and Southern California for my skin over the past and I have never had such a thorough dermatologist before.  No one has diagnosed my skin cancers so early and found everything like you do. I am really happy I found you and am getting my wife in next week.”



“This is the best office for Mohs Surgery ! My father gets Mohs surgery done at another office close to his home and his experience has been nothing like the experiences that I have enjoyed here.  I told him how your office gives us fresh baked cookies, drinks, and pizza for lunch on Mohs days. If he lived closer, I would definitely bring him here for his Mohs.” -M.D.
(M.D. has had more than 3 Mohs surgeries with The Skin Center and has been a wonderful patient for over 5 years)


“You are a wonderful Doctor! I have to tell you I have been so happy since coming here. I feel so confident with your care and medical advice. Thank you.”-  D.O.


“Thank you so much for the baby card and wonderful cake. Thank you for being supportive during my pregnancy!”

“I would like to take this chance to thank you for hiring me. Thank you for the chance you have given me. I have learned a lot of things here. You have been so kind to give me the first opportunity and gain self confidence. God Bless.”

“Dear Doctor,
Thank you so much for welcoming me into your office and teaching me so much. I’ve mentioned before, I really appreciate the opportunity to work with you and you staff -especially since I am just a new medical student and I know not everyone is willing to take a chance on us. I’ve really enjoyed my time here and can see why all of your patients love you. I’ll definitely keep in touch.”


Dear Doctor,

It was so exciting to see the completed article online. I wanted to thank you for providing me the opportunity for such a great learning experience!
(I know it looked great on applications 🙂
Thanks again,

“I really like and more so feel very comfortable here. I am a big chicken usually and half of my problem is being nervous about pain. I am not scared or nervous here because everything is painless. I really like it [ at The Skin Center] and look forward to coming back!”

“Just our way of saying thank you for all the confidence you have in our staff. We greatly enjoy caring for your patients. Hope these brighten your day.”
Best regards, Dr. Mowlavi and Staff

“Dear Doctor and Staff,
Just wanted to thank you again for your tender care. ( Even the BBQ!!) You are so kind and caring- it means so much to me when I’m so scared. I shouldn’t be, but I’m just that way.
Trust you have a very Happy Thanksgiving!”
Thank you again,
Jeanette B.

“Thanks so much for your kindness. You are a fine and wonderful Doctor. I will not forget your kindness to me- Sincerely, G.R.”

” I am so grateful you saved my life. You found both of my melanomas early and I would have never known about the spot on my back.  Dr. Linden tells me you saved my life!  I may not be alive if it wasn’t for you finding those melanomas no one else ever had seen. I am really happy with all of my care here.” 
Lee M.

“Thank you for all you do for me in helping me with my skin. It looks good thanks to the facials and you!”- D.F.

“It was a pleasure to attend your skin care conference last week and your hard work is appreciated. The information provided was invaluable and so important to the quality of our lives. Thank you for your kindness and support”- K.L.


“I appreciate how thorough you are. Everything has healed really well. I am happy with the results!” -J.B.

“Thanks for a most interesting and educational Skin Care Conference on May 6th. We thoroughly enjoyed it and the food was exceptionally good” –D.F.& B.F.

“Your First Skin Care Conference was definitely informative, educational, and funny. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed your speakers and the food was delicious. Thank you again”-K.U.

“You are the best Doctor…things have gotten better. I appreciate the thoroughness and educational nature of the care here” -S.M.

“Thank you for being such a caring and understanding M.D. It really meant a lot to me when you gave your time answering my questions regarding my father and also your reassurance. Your staff were wonderful as well”-D.E.

“You’re so kind, and your staff is always friendly. Thank you!” -M.K.

“I appreciate all your tender care of me this last year”-J.B.

“I can’t begin to thank you for taking such good care of me in my 70th birthday month.  You have truly made me feel good about myself.  You’re professionalism, thoughtfulness, caring and kindness are greatly appreciated! Your tops!” -J.K.

The Skin Center
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 Testimonials are all from actual patients.  For privacy, all photos are models, not of actual patients.