If you are looking for a more holistic alternative for reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, and to have softer and younger skin, facial acupuncture may be a great choice. Not only is it painless and effective, the procedure also is less costly and last longer than the more traditional ways of injections and facelift. Facial acupuncture is done by having tiny needles strategically inserted into the face. Just like injections, multiple treatments are usually necessary for the full effect. After several treatments, there would be a more noticeably delicate and fair skin. Wrinkles are also noticeably fewer, and sagginess of the skin is also reduced. It may also assist in clearing of age spots. Overall the skin looks more rejuvenated. It is less invasive and there are less side effects undergoing surgery or to inject chemicals. The main goal is to eliminate wrinkles by easing muscle tensions that causes fine lines.

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