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Notalgia Paresthetica (NP) is a very common, underrecognized and under-diagnosed medical condition.

NP causes intermittent itching of the mid back, just under the shoulder blade area.

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What is Notalgia ?
  • Sensory neuropathic syndrome of the back skin
  • May include localized burning, pain, tenderness, hyperalgesia, or dysesthesias on a small patch of the mid back just under the shoulder blade (scapula)
  • Associated with a poorly circumscribed tan or hyperpigmented patch
  • Chronic condition with ups and downs
  • Usually gets worse in the evening and just before bedtime
  • Causes discomfort and nuisance to affected patients
  • Common disorder which remains largely underdiagnosed
  • Effective treatments are available including TENS unit applied to the neck base, neck and upper back massage, neck range of motion exercises, and expert physical therapy
How can I share my experience or tips for others with Notalgia ?
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What else is Notalgia called?
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