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TEN STEP special program for sensitive skin

1. Stop All soap and other creams and lotions, etc. to skin (a simple and pure recipe is key).                                                                  

2. Use only ONE product: Dove Sensitive skin non-soap cleanser, Dove Moisturizing Soap, Eucerin Gentle cleanser, or Cetaphil soapless cleanser to wash skin.

3. Shower or bathe daily or every other day as you like.

4. Apply Vaseline or baby oil  to entire body within 3 minutes after drying off after showers (THIS IS THE MOST NOURISHING STEP).

Other options :Eucerin cream Lac Hydrin lotion Amlactin lotion.

5. Re-apply Aquaphor or SBR lipocream ointment to dry skin 2-3 times a day.

6. Use ALL Free and Clear detergent (this is a special form of regular ALL detergent).

7. No bleaches or fabric softeners.

8. May consider double rinsing clothes/easy if have double rinse cycle button on washer.

9. May take Benadryl or Atarax (anti-itch pill, prescription only).

10. Apply hydrocortisone cream or prescription cream as directed.


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